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Celebrations of Life Ceremonies

What if you could say good-bye to your loved one on your own terms?

Celebration of Life ceremonies focus on the positive and unique aspects of a person’s life.

Similar to a traditional funeral, a Celebration of Life event lays the honoree to rest with grace and honor. It allows the guests to publicly acknowledge a life well lived and say their good-byes.

But unlike traditional services, you are able to design and personalize the ceremony to reflect the spirit and life of your loved one (the honoree). You can remember someone in a way you, and they, would have wanted.

What We Offer

We help you plan and host a ceremony that is true to honoree and respectful of his life. Our services give you and your guests the closure you deserve, but allow you to remember your friend or family member in a unique and beautiful manner.

Celebration of Life Planning

Jerry Craig DJ & Sound Company’s experienced team will help you answer the following questions:

  1. What are your wishes for the ceremony? From small requests, to the mood, to the basic event planning (venue, food choices, and music) we’ll help you conceptualize a remarkable ceremony.
  2. How do you want the honoree to be remembered? Our team will listen closely so we can understand who the honoree was, what moments defined their life, and what their legacy is. We’ll ensure their ceremony is personalized and authentically them.
  3. What symbolizes who the honoree was? The simplest of touches can create an unforgettable memory: traditions, clothing, symbols, flowers and fragrances, and colors. We will help you identify unique ways to bring comfort and joy to your attendees.
Ceremony Coordination

For simple ceremonies, Jerry Craig DJ & Sound Company will take care of everything. For more complex ceremonies, we’ll use our contacts in the wedding and event industries to ensure your vision becomes reality.


Special Types of Ceremonies

Celebration of Life ceremonies dance to their own drum. In addition to hosting a ceremony shortly after the honoree has passed, below are other requested ceremonies we gladly accommodate:

Second Ceremonies

Sometimes the first service you held for your loved one doesn’t provide the closure or the personalization you need. Many families and friends opt to host a later second ceremony to honor the life of the honoree.

Because the second service can be planned well in advance, it allows you to plan and create a unique and remarkable experience. It can even be held over multiple days. Often times it is held on an anniversary, birthday, or another date that’s special to who your honoree was.

Second ceremonies are a wonderful way for close friends and families to gather and honor the honoree. It can be as simple as meeting up at the honorees favorite bar or venue and telling stories. It can be an entire weekend getaway, where you revisit special landmarks that meant something special to the attendee. If your friend loved camping and horses, you may plan find a ranch that can help you ride down to a campsite and reminisce near the campfire.

We find that because second ceremonies are typically held after a period of time, the mood is more celebratory and uplifting. We’d be honored to help you plan a second ceremony, whether it’s an afternoon at the park with a slideshow, music, and food or a full-featured weekend adventure reliving past memories.

A Living Celebration of Life

On occasion, an open-minded honoree may want to host a Living Celebration of Life. This is done while the honoree is still living, but usually they will be on hospice.

A Living Celebration of Life is a wonderful way for to reflect and remember stories with the honoree. The honoree can hear directly from their loved ones what and how much they meant. It’s a powerful and moving ceremony. Obviously this ceremony is a more tricky event to plan, as you must be sensitive to the honoree’s feelings at this complicated time in their life. Guests may feel awkward at first about the concept. But we find that these events are beautiful ways to acknowledge the impact of the honoree and share that with them.

Acknowledge a life well lived.

We are always honored to be a part of remembering your loved one.

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