Game Show Mania

Bring the laughter, competitiveness, and the utter joy of a LIVE GAME SHOW to your next party, team building retreat, or corporate event.

Game Show Mania® is contagiously fun and brings the high-tech world of game shows to your special event. Game Show Mania® is a full entertainment experience that helps audiences stay involved while the contestants duke it out, live. Included with the experience is the complete portable game show system, including delightful sound effects, and colorful contestant podiums with digital scoring and lockout buttons -- meaning the first contestant to hit the button gets to guess the answer.

We offer the units for rental or you can also hire our very own DJ Del McCulley to host the game and entire experience.

This unique TV style game show includes trivia questions on subjects like music, history, pop culture... and of course, you can customize the questions being asked for your event's theme and goals. It's a consistent crowd pleaser!

Game Show Mania® is perfect for:

Corporate Events and Mixers

ENGAGE your participants! Instead of the same ol' regular mixer with cheese appetizers and boring raffle, liven things up with Game Show Mania®. Every single person will pay a lot more attention, learn something new, and it will be waaaayyyy more memorable.

Parties & Reunions

ADD FUN and a competitive element to weddings, birthday and anniversary parities, and reunions with Game Show Mania®. Your game show host can even create trivia that ties in perfectly to your event. Make the event more dynamic and completely unique. Memories start here.

Trade Shows & Sales Events

FUN AND INNOVATION attract people to your trade show booth. You've got to stand out to be competitive and maximize your trade show investment!

Game Show Mania® brings the fun and makes you stand out in a sea of sameness. Host an hourly game where the brave winner receives swag -- and the audience learns something about your products or services at the same time! Win-win.

Corporate Retreats & Youth Groups

STUDIES have proven that we retain more when we are engaged with the learning process. Inspire your employees at your next corporate retreat. Help your youth stay attentive and retain new info. Did we mention that our professional host is also a Corporate Trainer?

Stand out. Secure Game Show Mania® for your next event.