Your Wedding Checklist

It's official: You're booked!

We've got the heavy-lifting handled. But there's still a few items we need your help with to ensure everything is ready and exactly how you want (and deserve) it to be on your big day.

Bookmark (and maybe print out) this page, because we have all the to-dos along with when we need'em completed by, listed below. As always, reach out if you need some extra help or have questions with anything.

Do This Now (2 Minutes Max)

1. Confirm you can login to DJ Intelligence.

In addition to our website, we use an online tool called DJ Intelligence. We've already created your account, but need you to confirm that you are able to login and access DJ Intelligence. Your default password is the last name of the groom. (Be sure to capitalize the first letter.)

If you can't login, please email us stat, so we can assist and get you access.

At Anytime Before the Wedding

2. Make a payment towards the remaining balance.

{Optional} If you prefer to make smaller payments between now and your wedding, use this button to make your payment online.

Due two weeks prior to your wedding (or earlier)

3. Complete the Planning Form on DJ Intelligence.

There's a few things we need from you to make sure we're on the same page. Start with our Planning Form first. The Planning Form is a quick summary about your wedding. It tells us who your other vendors are (so we can coordinate), key details the venue you've chosen, the names of your wedding party and a few other items, like the music choices you want for key moments at the Reception.

4. Complete the Event Timeline on DJ Intelligence.

How will the day proceed? The Event Timeline helps us understand the ideal flow of various activities and announcements for the wedding. If need a little inspiration, check out this article with some example timelines. If you've hired a Wedding Planner, they have probably already have done this for you. Be sure to ask them for the Timeline if you don't have it already so everyone is on the same page.

5. Choose Your "Must-Haves" and "Don't Play" Lists on DJ Intelligence

Hate the Chicken Dance? Yeah, we feel you. Want to hear some Death Cab for Cutie or something off the beaten path? We feel you, too.

(And no shame if you love the Chicken Dance. Quack-quack-quack-quack!)

It's your party and we'll play what you want (us) to. Share the playlist you definitely want to hear at your reception. We also use it for inspiration if we need to choose more songs for your event. In addition, we want to know those songs that make you grind your teeth in a bad way -- aka the "Don't Play" list, so we can make sure they don't make the final cut. Don't feel like you have to do this in one sitting. Update and return to this section as often as you need to -- we only need it dialed in two weeks prior to your wedding.

6. Fill in the music and details for the Ceremony.

Here comes the bride... This custom worksheet FUN sheet is all about your perfect wedding ceremony. Whether you already have it all planned to a 'T' or if have no clue, we make it easy and fun with helpful suggestions (if you need them) on the side. Just remember that we need this form completed at least two weeks beforehand, so we can get all the music cued and ready.

7. Pay the remaining balance. (Remember, it's due two weeks prior!)

Last thing on the list: We need the balance for your package paid two weeks prior. If you will need additional hours, we are happy to be paid in cash at the event OR you may pre-pay in advance here. THANK YOU for letting us be of service at your special day. We are truly honored and can't wait!