Frequently Asked Questions

The DJ Selection Process

Which is best for you will depend on your goals, budget, and time. Let us explain the pros and cons of both choices.

If one of your wedding priorities is to have a remarkable party with LOTS of dancing at the reception, hiring a professional wedding DJ is your best bet. We have professional sound equipment. We’re able to read and respond to the crowd during the event. We confidently make improvements to the playlist and we know how to engage your guests at just the right moment to keep the party going.

We’re practiced hosts who emcee and keep the event moving forward at the right pace.

If you’re a crazy busy couple, hiring a DJ is absolutely the right choice for you. Trust us, planning a solid playlist that covers 5+ hours and includes songs for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and receptions takes a lot of research and time to put together. There’s no reason to add more to your plate when your daily life is busy and you’re also planning a wedding!

The DIY route might be right for you if you’re super specific about your music choices, don’t need ceremony sound or speakers, and/or dancing isn’t a big priority for your event. There’s lot of guides on how to do this yourself, but the best we’ve found is here.

But we’ll end on this note… Ask your friends on social media the 2-3 memories that they remember from the last wedding they attended.* You’ll find that the majority of people remember music and dancing (or the lack thereof). And if the sound was too loud or if they couldn’t hear the ceremony or speeches clearly — we guarantee they’ll mention THAT.

Ultimately, the wedding is for you. It’s your special day.

But if ensuring your guests have a great time is a priority, remember: They’re choosing to spend their day celebrating with you. We encourage you to hire a professional rather than going the DIY route.

(*Fun side note: We’ve found that people mention the lack of a bar when we asked this question. Luckily, that isn’t our issue but we thought you might like to know.)

On the practical side of things, we’d say that listening and then honoring the client’s requests and vision is number one. If we have concerns, we may challenge you to consider our point of view — but we’ll also explain our reasoning and you always have the final call.

It’s your event. We always honor your preferences and wishes.

A wedding requires a DJ that is comfortable with public speaking and has a clear and understandable voice. Look, a wedding DJ isn’t a nightclub DJ. They’ll need to make announcements in addition to put together a thrilling playlist. As much as you don’t want a cheesy DJ, you also don’t want a shy one.

Sophisticated DJs understand that the guests want to be able to talk and hear each other during the reception. They understand how to setup their systems for the venue so that they’re heard clearly, but not overwhelming the private conversations.

But you know else what makes a great wedding DJ? Someone who loves people and 100% loves their role in making a couple’s day immensely special. Someone who still has the love for great music, smooth sound, and a packed dance floor. Someone who isn’t simply going thru the motions or pushing buttons, but is having a good time themselves.

We could tell you how we pride ourselves in ensuring that the off-beat weddings, with free-spirited couples who dance to their own drum and include thoughtful and personalized touches throughout the day, are taken care of.

We could tell you how couples who desire stunning traditional weddings are also catered to, with music selections tailored just for them!

We could share how we’re stellar at creating captivating playlists that will have your guests smiling, toe-tapping, and dancing the entire time.

Or how we’re sound artisans who have invested in top-shelf sound equipment, with an insanely huge library of varied music to choose from. (And if we don’t already have it, we’ll happily get it for you.)

All of these things are true.

But what makes us different from our competition? We’d rather hear about you and your dreams for your upcoming wedding. Our main goal when interviewing prospective clients is to see if we’re the right team for you and your event. It’s all about you, not us. That’s how we’re different than the bulk of our competitors.

Absolutely. It’s important that you ‘click’ with your DJ and trust us to meet all of your needs. We prefer to talk with all prospective clients before signing contracts. This allows us to make sure we’re able to meet your needs.

We can meet with you either in-person (if you live here on the Central Coast), or we can speak with you over the phone at your convenience.

Our company policy is to host one wedding per day. When you hire us, you’re paying for a high-class wedding host. We believe that working two events on the same day is a conflict of interest. You can feel confident that we’ll give your event our full attention, energy, stamina, and focus.

Once you reserve your date with us online, we pencil you in and allow you one initial two week grace period. This is a great time for you to interview DJs and make a final decision.

That said, until we get your deposit and a signed contract, that date is still open. However, if another couple reaches out to us with that same date during that grace period, we’ll notify you and give you the first opportunity to reserve our services.

We’re professional wedding hosts and polished DJs with over fifty years of combined experience. We’re an active part of the local wedding industry. We personally know many of the local wedding coordinators and have experience at many Central Coast wedding venues.

We understand the flow of a great wedding. Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. We can easily handle any scenario that arises with grace and professionalism. This is our full-time business and as such, our reputation is important to our success. We proudly strive to leave every client impressed and every wedding a success.

As professionals, we invest in expensive top-notch sound equipment. We provide our own liability insurance, and we also need reliable transportation. Every event requires hours of preparation, and we only book one event per day. When you break down our time and travel, our unparalleled wedding expertise, the cost of our equipment, and the time and attention you receive, you’ll find our packages are in fact surprisingly reasonable.

We’ve been told that some competitors charge more for their services. You may wonder if their services are worth the increased price and why we’re so reasonable.

We do not have a storefront or a big show room. We do not need a warehouse to secure our equipment. Thus, our overhead is much smaller and we can keep our rates reasonable, while providing five star service. Our rates are simply based on our expenses and what we think is fair.

The next step is to Check Our Availability using our easy online tool.

If your date is still available, you’ll be able to obtain a quote instantly online. We’ll also contact you via phone within two (2) business days to see if you are interested in setting up your complimentary consultation with us.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”
William Shakespeare

Our Deejaying Style

We invest in a legal digital music service created for professional DJs. This gives us access to new songs on a weekly basis. Every week we review, listen, and add the latest new releases to our music library.

You can think of this collection as the iTunes for wedding DJs. In addition to the latest releases, it also gives us access to their entire collection. If you have an obscure song on your ‘Must Play’ list, we are usually able to get a legal copy for your event from the service.

If we can’t find your song on that resource, we’ll search through other legal channels and make sure we have it ready for your big day.

Fact: We’re not the run-of-the-mill club DJ that moonlights as a wedding DJ for extra cash.

We’re professional wedding and event DJs and emcees with over twenty years of experience serving the most spectacular and classy Central Coast events and weddings.

We haven’t lost our love and awe of a packed dance floor. We notice subtle shifts in the crowd and their energy level, and have tactics that incentivize people to get up and dance. If you’re okay with it, we engage with your guests. (But don’t worry, we’re never cheesy.) While we’ve built your unique song list ahead of time, we move or add songs depending on the crowd’s current mood and event flow.

We also advise you and your vendors on easy tricks that help keep the dance floor packed. Long before your reception begins, we’re thinking about practical issues with the setup and the timeline to ensure a memorable party ensues.

Absolutely. Planning a wedding isn’t your full-time job after all, is it?

Our intention is to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, without lowering the result and quality.

Once you’ve reserved your date, you can schedule a complimentary thirty minute pre-planning phone call with us. We don’t expect you to have all the answers on the first call, but this call allows your DJ to ask specific questions to better understand what’s most important to you.

We also use a simple “online planning tool” to learn more about your event. You’ll be asked to share songs you want played (the “Must Play” list) and those tacky or cliched songs that you secretly dislike (the “Don’t Play List”). Your lists can be as long or as short as you desire, but having at least 10-15 songs on each list allows us to better understand your tastes.

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, style, and taste, we compile the rest of your event’s music list.

It’s our pleasure to tell your story through perfect music choices that get your guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. We’ll help you come up with a song list, and you are always welcome to review it before the event.

We leave this one up to you. If you would like for us to take requests, we will happily do so! Of course, we won’t play a song from your ‘Do Not Play’ list, and we always use our judgement. If a request isn’t appropriate, we’ll just ask the guest for an alternative song.

Memorable weddings are about stories. The ones created at the wedding itself, and the ones your friends and family have of you.

We’re happy to allow your guests to give toasts or tell stories with a few cautionary additions. A few minutes of planning here can save you from unwanted surprises and embarrassment at your wedding!

It’s best if you decide who will be speaking in advance. We’ll ask for a list of pre-approved speakers before the wedding, but some couples allow for impromptu toasts and we’re happy to allow that too. If you have a list of pre-approved speakers and someone comes over asking for the microphone, we’ll always check with you or a designated guest for approval first.

Ever been to an event and the sound was too loud? It might have sounded a bit muffled, or it may have prevented you from having private conversations of any kind.

It’s also one of our pet peeves. We want every word spoken over our sound system to be crisp and clear, without overpowering the private conversations that are happening.

We’ve hosted events at many of the gorgeous venues here on the Central Coast.

But if your venue is a new one for us, we attempt to schedule a visit prior to your event. This allows us to meet the venue’s staff and understand their rules. But most importantly, we perform a Venue Sound Check while we’re there. It’s a professional acoustics & sound audit. After the complimentary Venue Sound Check, we’ll know exactly where setup our equipment for the best results.

Maybe we’re channeling our inner Boy Scout, but our company motto is “Be Prepared.”

We’re ready for anything that happens during your day. (Don’t believe us? Ask us during our consultation for some stories.) Not only is it industry standard, but having a backup set of equipment just makes good sense. We always have extra speakers, microphones, batteries, computer, cables, you name it. All at no extra charge to you.

“Music doesn’t lie.”
Jimi Hendrix

Our Policies

Yes. Like any professional, we use a written contract to protect both of our interests.
Out of respect for the privacy of our clients, we do not permit prospective clients to “drop in” on a wedding.

We can share references for you to call and give you a plethora of online reviews to pour over. Coupled with the practical information we provide in our initial consultation, you’ll feel confident with our experience, style, and professionalism. will speak volumes of our experience, style, and professionalism.

A $250 or $499 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date. Please refer to our Wedding Packages for more specfics.
Additional hours can be purchased in advanced, or you can decide to extend our services at the actual event.

The hourly rate depends on which package you have chosen but ranges from $225 to $250 for weddings. See our Wedding DJ Packages page for all the details.

We perform at events and weddings in San Luis, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties. Venues that are outside of 60 miles from Atascadero, California are subject to a travel fee of $50 for each additional 30 minutes of travel. Note: Travel time and costs are already included in our Ragged Point Wedding package.
Deposits are non-refundable. We require thirty (30) days written notice in the event your wedding is canceled or needs to be rescheduled, otherwise you are expected to honor your contract.

But we are happy to transfer your deposit and/or any payments made for a different date if you need to reschedule. (Even if it’s last minute.)

“That was when I realised that music is the most profound, magical form of communication there is.”
Lesley Garrett

What To Expect The Day Of

No. We do not attend the ceremony rehearsal or rehearsal dinner unless you’ve explicitly requested this option as an add-on service and we’ve agreed in writing.

If you’d like our services for the practice rehearsal* or if you’d enjoy having us arrange and play a custom selection of great music at the rehearsal dinner*, you can negotiate this for an additional fee.

If you would like to know the exact version of any song(s) we’ll be using during your ceremony to assist with your ceremony rehearsal, we’re happy to provide that information to you. Additionally, we can use your own versions if they’re provided to us at least two weeks in advance.

*Please note, we cannot guarantee our availability for the ceremony rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner. It’s always possible we may have another event scheduled for that date already.

One of our bonuses is the “No Wedding Jitters” Check-In Session.

A lot of couples prefer to meet again before the wedding to go over timelines, their music preferences, and the music playlists. We offer a supportive thirty minute check-in session within two weeks of your wedding. It’s optional, but super useful for clarifying the day of expectations and to answer any last minute questions you (or your wedding coordinator) may have. Email or call us to schedule yours.

We’re also available to you via email or phone if anything comes up, or if you have a quick question that needs a DJ’s point of view.

It will depend on the venue and it’s layout, but we typically arrive 75 to 90 minutes before the ceremony start time. We may arrive earlier if the ceremony and reception are in different locations or for complicated venues.

We have a few options and we dress according to your wedding’s vibe and style.
“Music is the soundtrack of your life.”
Dick Clark


It is never expected, but a tip is always appreciated. If you do choose to tip your DJ, 10 percent to 20 percent of the total invoice is customary for his/her performance.

Knock on wood, we’ve never missed a single wedding in twenty years.

But despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents and illness can happen. If we’re unable to perform on your wedding day, we first check with our other experienced team members to see if anyone can fill in for your event. In the event that isn’t possible, we have strong relationships with other professional DJs in the area. We can definitely find a last minute replacement and if there’s a difference in price, we will refund or pay the difference.

“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.”
Jane Austin